How to Attend a Concert without Becoming Deaf

Have you ever left a concert or music festival with ringing in your ears, feeling deaf, and trying to read the lips of those around you? 

If you were at a solid show, the answer should be 'yes'. 

If you're a concert goer, or for the frequent concert goer on your Holiday shopping list, check out "DUBS". These mechanical earplugs reduce noise without reducing quality or your concert going experience. 

It's a question we asked ourselves and the answer was simple: earplugs are awkward, look bad and muffle sound. We wanted ear plugs that didn't protrude out of your ears - making them embarrassing to wear at a club or a sports event - and didn't get in the way of your listening experience.”  - Website 

Dubs are available on the company's website, or in BestBuy stores.