The World Will Tune in Together on Fridays : New Music Day

Starting July 10th, the world can move their feet in time to the beat at the  on the same date, as their favorite artists release new music each week. For as long as we could remember, certain countries would have to wait for a specific release date, depending on the artist and where they are in the world. Now, the world can enjoy and listen at the same time. This puts the end on fans waiting to access new music while other fans in another part of the world get to and takes the headache out of the album release for A&R Management. 

This change is global one, and the majority of the industry (and all countries) will participate. Petitioning for this has been long underway as meetings with professionals of all sorts i the industry -- both independent and and major labels, retailers (both physical and digital), aggregators,  A&R owners and representatives, music unions and chart analytic professionals have joined together to make this international game changer in the music industry. 

For those in the music industry, this universal release date now opens new doors for marketing and release events as they prep for album releases. Fans and new listeners will know that Friday is a day to look forward to new music from both major and indie labels regardless of where they are in the world. 

For more information on New Music Fridays, check out the Q & A via The Music Business Association here