Make the Most out of Midem 2015

It's that time of year again-- Midem!  Midem, a place where artists, technology, and brands in the music industry come together for a single passion: music. Held in Cannes, France, this conference is being held this week June 5th-8th and holds a very full and exciting schedule.  Midem tweeted the full schedule Tuesday (see below) and it looks like a great week! 

Here's some great ideas, tips, and words of wisdom from the Korrect team for those of you who haven't attended Midem before and wish to get the most out of this experience: 

Tip #1 Look at it as a cultural experience, because it is.  Midem is an event where the world comes together to connect (professionally and personally) through music. Take this time to get to know new artists, open yourself to new music, and try new things. Music = culture, and this is just as much of a cultural experience as it is a music conference. Enjoy it, and open yourself to new opportunities, networking, and sounds. 

Tip #2: Come prepared to network. Midem is a place to develop  professional relationships and partnerships with high-level individuals in the music industry from around the world. Be prepared: have a media kit ready for your business if you're a brand, an EPK if you're an artist, and of course plenty of business cards handy for any sort of introduction or meet up. 

Tip #3: Take notes and pay attention. This is a great opportunity at hand, make the most of it. Attend every session you can and take notes with details so you don't forget the vital details later. Those of you attending Midem representing your company, listen with the mindset of " what will I need to know so I can present to my employer". Try and remain off your phone during these sessions and during meet ups. It not only looks unprofessional, but you may be missing some vital information or an important contact in the process. Stay engaged in the opportunities at hand. 

Tip #4: Utilize the tools given. A great perk of being an attendee of Midem are the tools and resources given throughout the duration of the conference and thereafter. Collect as many business cards, catalogs, and packets of information as you can to bring back to your manager, company, or employees- you never know when it may be useful! Most importantly, the Midem portal is a great way to see all connects', vendors, and brands' contact info and can be accessed for up to a year after Midem comes to a close. 

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