Apple Music Launches, Music Communities Still Aren't Convinced

It was a big day in the world of both the music and tech industries yesterday. Yesterday, June 30th, at 11am PST, Apple launched their highly anticipated music streaming service, Apple Music along with their new operating system, iOS8.4. Offering a three month trial to all users, the service will normally run at $9.99/ per individual user, and a family plan for up to six users at a group discount of $14.99.

Pre-launch, Apple boasted about the family discount being a better deal, as opposed to Spotify which currently only allows 4 users at the rate of $19.99/a month with their family plan. 

Apple Music has been at the center of attention for the last several weeks, in both the positive and negative spotlights. Positive press attention has included the price difference and free trial, and Taylor Swift adding 1989 to the library; negative press has included indie labels being unsure to join, Prince not being on the roster of artists, and Taylor Swift needing to write a public letter on her blog to Apple demanding they pay their artists royalties during the first three month trial. 

"We don't ask you for free iPhones, " Swift stated " So please don't ask us for free music."  

Apple responded immediately, reversing their previous offer and offering to pay royalties to all artists during the first three month trial and beyond. 

Pillars within the music industry (of both major and independent labels) continue to keep their eye on Apple Music, still unsure if it's something they want to commit to. Beggars Music was hesitant at first and then joined the bandwagon early last week. Merlin, another indie icon holding the key to over 20,000 labels, followed suit. As of today, Ministry of Sound is still weary, and the Apple Music library is still missing music legends such as Prince, Garth Brooks, and two of the Black Keys albums. Will these artists fold and join? Or continue to take a stance on the never ending controversy on music steaming shortchanging artists and their careers?