Music Industry News : Monday Edition

Berklee's Report Upsets Music Labels Everywhere: Berklee recently released a report that has record labels fuming. According to the recently realized report, record labels are unable to account for 20-50% of artist's payouts and do not make it to their rightful owners. While record labels are denying this and marking erroneous on all counts, they're also considering withdrawing their labels as a source for Berklee's Internships, saying that these opportunities were used in efforts for their own "propaganda". More here. 


Flip-a-gram Gets the OK from Top Labels: Flip-a-gram, a popular application for iPhone and Droid users, has finally gotten full licensing for all music available on the app. This video creation app allows users up to upload their photos and video clips with their favorite music to create a multi-media video to post on their social networks. Users can use music from their own library or do a search for a clip. With licensing available from the bigger labels, this will allow more songs to be utilized for this app that is continually gaining popularity. More here.  

Grooveshark Owner Dies:  Co-Founder owner of former popular music streaming site, Josh Greenberg was found dead this morning in his home.  Police say no signs foul play or drugs. This has come as a shock to Greenberg's family, colleagues and former co-workers, as they said Josh has been in great spirits since the shut down of his site in April of this year. Our condolences go out to Josh's family and those has touched within our music industry family.  More here.