Facebook Reportedly Shopping for Music Labels




With services like TIDAL and Apple Music launching in the last several months and music streaming more popular than ever, we've been wondering why Facebook hasn't joined in the fun. 

Our questions were answered this week when The Verge released that it has been confirmed from multiple sources that Facebook is currently meeting with and window shopping for record labels. Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group have met with Facebook so far, with further meetings with other labels (major and minor) anticipated. 

Facebook has attempted music integration in years past that was met with failure: features such as "Songs" feature, the "Listen" feature for users to listen to music from their artists while on their page, and the Spotify "Now Listening to" feature without any sort of profit or breakthrough. 

So what is Facebook up to? Will they create their own music streaming system, or integrate one of the leading music streaming systems into their social network platform so that mutual parties can benefit from the near one and a half million users that browse Facebook each day? We think that would be genius, but will await further details to be released.