Korrect Launches Updated Software, Welcomes New Clients, Opens Support Ticketing Function

It's been a great summer for the team at Korrect! 


Korrect Software is proud to announce the launch of our newest software product this month. Our online version will be available for clients worldwide, offering new features such as: 

  • Fast, scalable and lightweight UI enabling access from any device 

  • Seamless processing of digital data through to royalties with sales immediately being available within our analytics module 

  • Emailing of statements, with contract grouping and cross recouping functionality

  • Current Korrect clients can opt in for an automatic update, while prospective clients can book a demo here

A formal news statement is set to be released with additional details next week.  

Korrect Royalty Software extends the warmest welcomes to our two new clients, Arts & Crafts Records and GSO Group. Arts & Crafts Records is the largest independent record label in Canada, home to some of the top Canadian artists such as Feist,  Calvin Love, and Bell Orchestre. 

GSO Group offers business management solutions for some of the biggest and brights names in the entertainment industry such as Beyoncè, Eminem, and Katy Perry. Their headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. 

On behalf of everyone at the Korrect family, we are delighted and honored to be working with the both of you!


Korrect Introduces Project Management Tool for Clients

This summer, Korrect has implemented a new ticketing and project management system which will greatly leverage the interaction between our clients and our account management / support team.
The application can track incidents, change requests and follow projects from inception to success (with subprojects also!).
Communication is key in any project and this will help organise everything into one central place, with integrated tools to help us communicate more effectively.  We can allocate tasks directly to the right people, track the time spent and progress on each task to easily see what stage the task is at and its level of completeness.
The project can have a full Gantt chart that shows its critical path to success.

Our solution includes phone apps available for both iPhone and Android users which enables customers to receive updates on the move wherever they are.


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