Korrect Press Release : September 9th, 2015



    Korrect NY Offices
    23 E 4th St #3, New York, NY 10003

Korrect Releases New Product, Record Labels Await in Anticipation

New York, New York | Over the last several months, Korrect Royalty Software has been immersed in a multi-faceted whirlwind of success. Beginning in March, the company was strategically invested in by The Orchard (purchased recently by Sony), while also managing clients such as world renowned independent record label Cleopatra Records, and Red Bull Records and bringing forth new accounts into their client base such as GSO (account managers for clients such as Eminem, Katy Perry, and Beyonce) as well as top Canadian independent label Arts & Crafts Records.

The Korrect team has been working diligently to transition the in house system to an online platform for their clientele both present and future client base. 

The product update includes:

-Fast, scalable and lightweight UI enabling access from any device, including mobile.
- Seamless processing of digital data through to royalties with sales immediately being available within their analytics module
- Emailing of statements, with contract grouping and cross recouping functionality.
- Integrated project management software displaying the updated status of each phase of the product; complete with real time updates and 24/7 support.

Creator and Director,  Simon Peters, has been working with Korrect's development team, located throughout Korrect’s internationally located offices to develop and fine tune a new product which meets the needs of labels of all sizes, budgets and genres.  “This product update will allow Korrect to service a larger proportion of the music industry with a view to expanding into film and TV in the near future,” Peters says. “The product is in it's beta stages with an international launch date on the 1st of November.  A selection of Korrect’s current clients were eager to adopt the software early on and are already singing it’s praises. “

Current Korrect clients can opt in for an automatic update, while prospective clients can book a demo to see the new product through the company's website. 

An exclusive, invite only multi-city software launch party is planned for November 2015 which includes one to one demonstrations and instructional seminars.

 To book a demo or for PR inquires, contact hope@korrectmusicsw.com