Aim's Indie-Con 2017

Yesterday (1st February 2017) saw Aim's annual Indie-Con conference take place at Glazier Hall, London Bridge.  The conference hosted a variety of panels, including, how to monetise in Latin markets, how to successfully partner with brands, and how to break acts in 2017 (to name a few), with speakers spanning from different sectors of the industry and the globe. The conference also gave great insight on how consumers pay for music, based on recent research on 2000 respondents from Media Insight Consulting CEO Chris Carey. The top 5 points we learned from Chris on consumer behaviour is the following:

1. Creativity should be supported by your data and not the other way around.  It should exist to make better decisions for your artists, but not make all the decisions;

2. Playlists are driving music discovery more than radio;

3. When consumers complain about the overpriced music subscription at £9.99 per month, that works out at just 33p a day for unlimited access to music;

4.  Youtube is the most important listening channel for consumers, with only 9% using Spotify, 2% using Apple Music and 1% using Deezer;

5.  Over half the respondents did not pay for a subscription service.

To read the full article on Chris Carey's insights please click: