How long has Korrect serviced the entertainment industry?

Korrect has been looking after some of the entertainment industry’s leading independent record labels for over 15 years, catering for hundreds of millions of lines of data for a single client at a time. Our processing speed and flexibility receive constant praise from new customers moving over from competitor’s packages.

What is your association with The Orchard? 

The Orchard has made a strategic investment in Korrect Software as of March 2015. This does not at all effect our current or future clientele, but we welcome and are glad to answer any questions you may have on this latest news. 

What sets Korrect apart from other competitors in the industry? 

Our system has been designed to deal with profit sharing deals; catering for point based agreements. Our software system is so advanced that Korrect Royalty Software will even go so far as to be able to cater to a combination of the two different sharing deals within the same contract. An example of this would be if a royalty deal is based on profit share internationally but points based in the USA. Korrect analyzes and acts accordingly saving your label or company time and efforts while offering you optimal results and accurate analyzation.

My label or brand has specific needs for royalty based sales. Can you cater to that? 

Absolutely. We understand that each label, artist, or company requires something different. We’re proud to be one of the few royalty software companies in the world that is able to adjust and accommodate a specific need that a client in the entertainment industry may have. 

How do you store data? What methods of data storage do you offer? 

Korrect has traditionally been sold under a client-to-server setup. Some of our customers prefer this route due to concerns pertaining to data being under their control for both security and disaster recovery concerns. Here at Korrect, we get that. We also understand that we now find ourselves in an industry and technological era that stores information, data, and analytics within cloud-based storage; this being said, we are more than willing to store information in whichever method our clients are the most comfortable with. 

What packages do you offer for those who wish to utilize all three portals that Korrect offers? 

If you would like to know more about the packages we offer price quotes and services, please send us an email to