Get the benefits of outsourcing without the high costs

if you don't have the internal resources in any specialised area to run your own system then outsourcing is for you. Alternatively - you have the skills but not the time to process bulky data that is forever increasing in size.

Outsourcing is about pulling in experts at the right time at the right costs - all too often outsourced royalties mean you are paying a high consultancy fee for all areas of work.

Korrect has an entry level system as low as $500 a month with a flat hourly rate of $65 for royalty consultancy (including license management) and $30 for data processing.

Our new service offers you the best technology coupled with years of extensive royalty management for all areas that your company needs.


Korrect's new Hybrid Service

We will constantly review your business processes and requirements, in order to work out a plan of action, to enable the perfect work flow process for you to run the administration side of your business.

Our US/UK/EU Consultants will assist in looking at all royalty and mechanical queries - helping you to decide on contract setup.

Fed up with waiting for files to load constantly into your legacy system - our data management team will ensure your bulk data is loaded and work with you on the reconciliation for each period of reporting.

Utilise our new affiliate and approval processes to efficiently account to all your recipients at the lowest cost while keeping peace of mind for your transparency and complete accountability of all your obligations.

 EMail to multiple recipients in a simple click

EMail to multiple recipients in a simple click

New Approval Function

Korrect have introduced a new approval mechanism which compliments our new service - all clients can specify a flexible approach to the sign off process for any period of accounting.

Korrect can take the statements to a specific level, notifying the specified approvals at the clients business to then review and approve. No statements will ever go out the door until the checks have been made and the function reduces the overall administration time which in turn saves our clients money.

Email and 3rd Party Logins

Korrect has an extensive email feature where both PDF and Excel attachements can be sent automatically to the clients contracted parties - artists, producers and licensors.

Utilising the approvals function then the whole process is made as efficient as possible.

The client can also choose to give out the contracted 3rd parties user access to their data only through our affiliates portal. An artist can login, their management company (to multiple artists they look after) or the label can see all artists.