Data management

The Korrect team will support your data ingestion, working in tandem with your administration team to ensure timely loading of all your incoming data. Specific digital service providers proving troublesome can be completely managed by the team. Millions of monthly lines of data being quickly and efficiently processed on time.

Data validation

All data goes through multiple validation points in the processing functions. Alerts are triggered and review panels for data warnings. Our YouTube processing is second to none – we keep as granular data as possible with full traceability to original source files. For iTunes, we can connect direct to Apple’s servers and pull monthly files for royalties, we can also pull daily trend files.

Monitoring Services

Korrect has a combination of automated processes that show and monitor data integrity. We also havesome warning checks for specific data points in order that our users can investigate and correct any anomalies.

Royalty Experience

Korrect has in excess of 200 years of royalty skills through their consultants alone and this includes multi-territory knowledge, all of which can be tapped into by your business as part of our normal service

Our Products

Transparent royalty reporting creates confidence and better working relationships with your artists, in an often fragmented music ecosystem.

Our tools allow for full traceability with your world-wide sales, automated matching, validation and checking functions for optimal efficiency in processing your ever increasing data feeds.

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Royalty Software for the Digital Age

Korrect Royalty Software have been managing and ingesting digital and physical data for independent music companies for over 20+ years. Our comprehensive royalty management solution gives you the speed and flexibility needed to manage your recording or publishing business in the digital age, with some of our clients individually processing up to 200 million lines of data per annum in a matter of minutes.

Data management100%
Data validation100%
Monitoring Services100%
Royalty Experience100%

Our software offers

Royalty processing, metadata management and sales analysis within one software product, and is designed to work seemlessly with your accounting system so that all transactions can be easily processed. Physical sales, licensing income, advances and recoupable expenses can be pulled directly from your accounting system so that manual user interaction is minimized

Digital Sales

Ingestion of digital sales is streamlined, whether your business is direct with Digital Service Providers, or aggregated by one or more digital distributors. Once in Korrect, the digital sales populate both the royalty system and sales analysis system. This streamlined, one-of-a-kind system allows for the utmost efficiency and organization, allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand such as watching your media project, company, or brand succeed.


Metadata is entered once and populates the royalty processing and sales analysis solutions. Metadata can then be delivered to mechanical collection societies such as PPL which accept feeds from the system automatically. Metadata can also be delivered to distributors using flexible templates that cater to each distributor’s individual requirements.